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“A piece of Christmas enchantment... The music by David Perkins and the book and lyrcis by Jeni Toksvig take us on this bewitching trip inside the imaginations of children. The whole thing is a jolly life-affirming journey."
Surrey Advertiser (The Nutcracker)


“A simple and brilliantly told narrative with bouncy, jolly music and lyrics. The quality of the songs, with their precise lyrics and mixture of popular styles, reminded me of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat; and you know how popular that show became. When all is done, we must live in hope, and this uplifting, enjoyable musical make you leave the theatre believing in just that.”
Michael Coveney, Daily Mail (Pandemonium!)


“The Wind in the Willows is yet another thumping success notched up during the Golden Age of Youth Theatre. Long may it last!”
Ann St Clair-Stannard, Monacle Magazine (The Wind in the Willows)


“The show was an instant hit from the beginning - pupils were unable to leave rehearsals without singing. I knew we were onto a winner with a classic story and such wonderful music.”
James Turner, Chandler Junior School (The Selfish Giant)


“More than 60 children aged 9 and 10 years were involved in the production which included sparkling dialogue, entertaining songs and dance routines.”
Clifton College, Bristol (The Curious Quest for the Sandman’s Sand)


“A bittersweet fable of Christ-like self-sacrifice. Oscar Wilde's fairy story is perhaps weighty stuff for a musical comedy. But in their adaptation, Caroline Dooley and David Perkins have mined the story for it moments of satirical humour and sincere humanity. The result is a rich and varied piece."
Madeleine Clements, Surrey Advertiser (The Happy Prince)


“This musical is an excellent vehicle for a large company of young people and the musical numbers came thick and fast just like good whipped ice cream.”
Colin Meredith, actor and producer (Shake, Ripple and Roll)


“This show is captivating, enchanting and thoroughly enjoyable – kept the audience enthralled from beginning to end…even the young children. Need I say more!” (Arabian Nights)


"There is something disarming about a junior school show, especially when it boasts a “cast of thousands”, that simply enables you to sit back and enjoy it. Skool & Crossbones is just such a show.”
Bob Eveleigh, The South Africa Herald (Skool and Crossbones)

“When a show opens with God as a natty dresser in a white suit, practising his putts while he whistles Heaven, I’m in Heaven, you know you’re in for a treat.”
Surrey Advertiser (The Happy Prince)

“I never realised that Greek Mythology could be such fun!”
Emily, audience member (Pandemonium!)

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